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Localized Cryotherapy

Localized Cryotherapy

What Is Localized CryoTherapy?

Localized Cryo Therapy is simply the use of cryotherapy within a very specific area, homing in on the exact area of treatment. Although the methodology and physics behind it are the same as Whole Body CryoTherapy it is different because a directed air-nozzle is used to finesse the problem region rather than immersing the whole body into a cryo chamber. You leisurely lie down and our trained technician massages the area with a very cold nitrogen spray, carefully and slowly bringing the skin surface temperature to the exact sub-freezing level.

Local CryoTherapy reduces soreness and pain in muscles and joints, as well as reducing skin blemishes and post-surgery scarring. Localized cryo also relieves tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, sprains, and nerve pains in the back, legs, knees, or feet. Local cryo is loved by athletes and weekend warriors for speeding up recovery times. Most of these benefits are derived by reducing swelling and inflammation, and doing it faster and better, more efficiently and more comfortably than icing.

Interestingly enough, local cryotherapy when used correctly can reduce cellulite as it uses the body's own fat burning mechanism to return the area to the body's natural temperature.

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