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  • UL Listed
  • Evaluated under FDA 513(g)
  • Breathable Room Air Chamber
  • Coldest Chamber on the Market
  • Engineered for Optimal Efficiency and Low Consumption
  • Modular Design for Fast Service
  • Triple Insulated Chamber to Maintain Temperature in Between Sessions
  • Heated Anti-Fog Window
  • No Weight or Size Limitation for Client
  • Sound system Integrated with Music and Talking Time  


The Cryo M1 is a room air chamber that does not expose clients to nitrogen, but instead cools breathable room air to up to -250°F.  It is the only Cryochamber that is made in the US, UL compliant, and in accordance with FDA 513(g).  It is equipped with two O2 sensors with automatic shut-off among its safety features.


Exposing cold receptors on the neck and face has shown to stimulate an even stronger response of the body compared to open Cryosaunas. The M1 reaches the coldest measured temperature of all Cryochambers on the market.

No Down Time

The M1 can be run all day without limitations or a required dry-cycle.  It can be stopped in between clients to minimize consumption.

Design & Consumption

The triple-insulated walls help maintain the temperature longer than any other device on the market.  This lowers the cost of operation and shortens the time of precooling, which means more profit for the operator and a better experience for the customer.

User Friendliness

The user interface of the M1 is designed to be simple and intuitive to allow the operator to focus on the client instead of on the operation of the machine. The M1 is ready for treatment within 6 minutes or less from room temperature. The integrated sound system supports Spotify and other music apps and features a talking timer that updates the client every 30 seconds of the time remaining.

Technical Data

Dimensions: 106in x 38in x 55in

Weight: 1430 lbs

Voltage: 110V AC, 60Hz

Power Consumption
During Operation: 400-1400W

Temperature Range: From -200F to -250F

Cool Down From Room Temperature: < 6 min

Freezeout (from room temp): 17.5L
During Operation: 2.0L/min


The Cryo M1 has continues warranty throughout the lease term.


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