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Cryo T-Shock

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Developed by Pagani, Italy, the T-Shock is a unique body-contouring device that has become one of the most popular newcomers in 2018. The T Shock employs a unique technique not utilized by any other piece of equipment in the marketplace today called Thermal Shock. Heat and cold are used in conjunction and applied directly to the client‘s skin at various times and temperatures to create the desired effect. The operator can select from a myriad of pre-programmed protocols organized under each body part. Cellulite, Fat Freezing, Skin Tightening, Tissue Stimulation, Definition, Drainage and Slimming is just a sample of the functions which can be performed on a client.

The T Shock is:(1) Compact and Portable (26 lbs): It can share the same room as otherdevices or be shared by multiple locations

(2) Affordable: It delivers comparable results to body contouring equipment
costing 5x as much which opens the treatment option to a much
wider demographic

(3) Rewarding: It has a high ROI potential.

Technical Specs

Dimensions: 7in (43) x 26in x 18in (H/W/D)

Weight: 90lbs (T Shock: 25lbs; Stand: 65lbs)

Voltage: 110V, 50/60Hz

Warranty: 2 Years


The Cryosense Cryosauna comes with a 2-Year warranty.


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