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  • Cryosense is the only sauna that combines heat and cold
  • Cryosense can focus the cold at different heights
  • Cryosense comes with advanced technology, including a Siemens Controller (PLC), temperature sensors, and a VPN modem
  • Cryosense can be adapted to almost any kind of nitrogen tank at low pressure (22PSI)
  • Cryosense allows to adjust the cold intensity in the cabin throughoutthe session
  • The cabin is fitted with a TFT screen which shows all parameters throughout the session
  • Intelligent drying feature eliminates scheduled dry cycles
  • Oxygen sensor to measure the room oxygen concentration
  • The cabin can be controlled with an iPad using an intuitive app

Discover the advanced technology of Cryosense thermal-contrast cryotherapy

Thermal contrast cryotherapy is a revolutionary procedure with proven results in the world of medicine, sports, beauty and wellness.

A technique that consists in exposing our bodies to and extreme change in temperatures, from 176°F to -320°F for three minutes, thanks to the cold vapor from nitrogen released inside the Cryosense cabin.

This exposure favors the release of endorphins, chemical substances which have proven anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects which stimulate our immune system.

Cryotherapy is endorsed by athletes and elite sportsmen and women, and every day has more and more followers in the world of beauty, health and wellness.

Technical Data

  • Power Supply: 208-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Nominal Power Intake: 300W
  • During Drying: 3500W
  • Dimensions (H/W/D)
  • Reg.: 91in x 37in x 69in
  • XL: 91in x 37in x 72in
  • Cryosauna Weight: 1056lbs
  • Max Temperature: +176F
  • Min Temperature: -320F
  • Parameters shown on Cabin display


  • Built-in O2 Monitor
  • Built in VPN Modem
  • Automatic Timed Shutoff


The Cryosense Cryosauna comes with a 2-Year warranty.


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