ENG3 - NanoVi Technology - Eco Model

Ventura Cryo Ventura County, CA, USA
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Price: $4,500

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What you Get:

• Free Delivery

• 1 Year Warranty

• 20 Disposable breathing Tubes

• 50 Disposable Canulas

The standard session time for the Eco is 60 minutes and this can be broken into 2-3 shorter sessions. People trying to regain cellular heath and boost vitality may use the NanoVi Eco™ for much longer than the standard 60-minute session.

The NanoVi Eco™ is the most economical way to bring the benefits of NanoVi™ technology right into your home. The simple touch screen and handy remote control for decorative lights make it easy to set yourself up for a relaxing session that promotes cellular health and relieves oxidative stress damage.

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