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Start your successful business with your own LifeCube cryo chamber!

To profit from all the benefits cryotherapy has to offer, a short visit is enough to achieve first successes - only 3 minutes inside the cryo chamber are sufficient.

The use of our LifeCube is easy for the customer and the employee. To guarantee operator convenience, we've programmed an interactive, self-explanatory app. It can be used to regulate the temperature, start the treatment or check the relevant data. Thus, you can simply control the entire cryotherapy via app on our supplied tablet or smartwatches.

Not all cryo chambers are alike - the LifeCube has multiple advantages!

Not every whole body cryotherapy is as efficient as in the LifeCube cryo chamber. Our model has some decisive advantages:

- Safe application: Electrical cryo chambers pose no health risks such as suffocations or frostbites as do nitrogen chambers

- Low operational costs: LifeCubes help you save costs in the long turn with a low power consumption and small maintenance costs

- Made in Germany: Our cryo chambers are high-class products with the best quality directly from Germany

- Innovative App: LifeCubes are practical and easy to operate via interactive app with the supplied tablet and smartwatch

- Extreme temperatures: LifeCubes can be cooled down to -110°C

- Individual Design: In addition to our four standard models, you can also choose a unique LifeCube, which is designed to meet your personal needs and preferences

- Marketing- and Starter Package: With our packages you can start right away into the world of cryotherapy

As a member of the German Association for EU Conformity (DEGEUK) e.V., we fulfill all necessary regulations, so that you, as our partner, can trust that we always meet the high standards of professionalism, expertise and safety.

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