Pulse Centers - PEMF X1 Set

Ventura Cryo Ventura County, CA, USA
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X1 Device from Pulse Centers simply takes PEMF to the Next Level! Do not waste your money on a low-intensity PEMF that will take months to achieve your goals! X1 will get you there in a fraction of the time! Pulse Like a Pro!

Power two accessories for an upgraded Pulsing experience! With the additional power of the Pulse X1, you can surround any area (like a knee or shoulder) between two magnetic fields. This adaptable machine is easy to operate, mounted on castor wheels for user-friendly access while seated and easy room-to-room transport. The Pulse X1 is built to complement and withstand the demands of a clinical environment, handcrafted from sleek aircraft quality aluminum.

• 39 lb (23.1 kg)

• 15” L x 26” H x 8” W

• Spark Gap Powered

• Adjustable Session Timer with an integrated infinity setting

• User-friendly LED display and controls

• Dual Outlets — use 2 accessories at once!

• Simple one-dial control for customizable strength

• Compatible with our full exclusive line of Pulse Centers accessories

• Minimal maintenance required

• 1 -Year Limited Warranty

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