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RxR3 Recovery Lounge

Haymarket, Virginia, 20169

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RxR3 Recovery Lounge
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6614 James Madison Highway
Haymarket, Virginia, 20169
United States

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About RxR3 Recovery Lounge


RxR3 treatments are designed to assist in the rapid recovery and management of chronic pain and inflammation so you can perform at your peak. You deserve a state of living without low energy levels and the burden of pain. Improve your body’s performance levels and support your natural recovery processes. Let RxR3 bring your body back to balance so you can finally move better again.

Experience Cryotherapy Today


Cryotherapy is a therapeutic recovery procedure using gasiform nitrogen, by exposing the body to extremely cold, dry air at temperatures between−130°F to − 184°F for approximately 2-3 minutes. The treatment releases endorphins, stimulating your body’s natural healing abilities to reduce chronic pain and inflammation. During the 2-3 minute treatment of extreme cold, the brain stimulates the body’s organ regulatory functions resulting in energy increase, cell rejuvenation, immune system boost, and overall system self-healing. 

Get that “fresh legs” feeling!


Get that “fresh legs” feeling by using our NormaTec Recovery System. The NormaTec Recovery System helps maximize recovery for both athletes and non-athletes. Maximizing circulation throughout your body and moving metabolic waste out of your limbs helps reduce muscle soreness and promotes faster recovery. Our NormaTec gear is comprised of a control unit, and separate attachments that can go either on the legs, hips, or arms. The attachments use compressed air in a dynamic compression pattern to massage tissue, mobilize fluid, improve circulation, and speed recovery.

The pulsing compression simulates the “muscle pump” of the limbs, greatly enhancing the movement of fluid and metabolites out of the limbs after intense use. The gradient hold utilizes constant pressure to keep the body’s fluids from being forced to one end of the limb while the pulsing continues. The directionality of flow occurring in the venous and lymphatic one-way valves produces fluid movement similar to that seen in peristalsis. The distal release prevents backflow of fluids by releasing the hold pressures in each zone, allowing each limb to gain maximal rest time without significant pause between compression cycles.

Feel Free From All External Stimuli


Experience effortless relaxation in a solution more buoyant than the Dead Sea. The float tank is filled with 10 inches of water and saturated with 1,100 pounds of Epsom salt. The water itself is kept at the average skin temperature (93.5° F), which allows you to lose track of where your body ends and the water begins. The tank is sound proof and light proof allowing you to be free of all external stimuli. 

In this near-zero gravity experience, your muscles, joints, and bones are able to rest and decompress, relieving pain and fatigue. People with arthritis, back pain, neck pain, tendinitis, bursitis, inflammation, and psychosomatic pain have all found relief in floating. Floatation therapy reduces the stress hormone levels in the body leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated for hours or even days later. Float to restore balance to your life, unleash your creativity, or discover a deeper state of meditation – the choice is yours. The benefits and uses of floatation therapy are immense and incredible.

Gentle, Soothing Therapeutic Heat


Unlike traditional saunas, which operate at extremely harsh temperatures, infrared is a gentle, soothing and therapeutic heat that promotes relaxation, detoxification, and improved sleep. The invisible light heats the body, instead of the surrounding air, allowing you to enjoy much longer and more comfortable sessions. The infrared sauna heat deeply penetrates tissues, joints and muscles to relieve anything from minor aches and pains to chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia. The penetration of the infrared sauna light induces a deep sweat to make the heart pump faster, which in turn increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure and improves circulation. Heating the muscles with infrared rays produces an increase in blood flow similar to that seen during exercise. Regular infrared sauna use – especially in the mid infrared range – can significantly stimulate blood flow up to twice the normal rate.

Experience LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast Trainer Today!


Live O2 Adaptive Contrast works by creating demand for oxygen in the body as a method to quickly drive oxygen deeper into the tissues. The ability to switch to negative air and then back to the “best recovery scenario” oxygen-concentrated air) quickly allows the complete gradient of oxygen demand and supply to be experienced in seconds. The body's response to this signal is an immediate opening of the vascular system similar in feel to what we commonly associate with the energy of youth. The changes in the body can be profound and often provide a lasting result that is tangible.

The dynamic switching from low to high is the invention at the heart of LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast. There is nothing like it and it is also why our users continue to maintain and build upon great results for years into their training. Variability is the key to not only breaking patterns in the body but also being able to continue to elicit positive responses. In life or in sport you must build your physiology to win both the short game and the long game. There certainly are going to be challenges along the way but what matters most is that you are adapted to recover, quickly. 

Stimulate and Increase Muscle Activation


The Power Plate is designed to stimulate natural reflexes, increase muscle activation, improve circulation, and improve flexibility and range of motion. The Power Plate features incredibly precise vibration in multi-directional patterns which triggers reflex activation of nerves and muscles preparing the body for dynamic movement. With each vibration, the Power Plate forces your muscles to contract dozens of times each second. Increased muscle activation positively correlates with enhanced functional strength, balance, and speed.