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Chill N Out Cryotherapy - La Joya

La Jolla, California, 92037

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Chill N Out Cryotherapy - La Joya
4130 La Jolla Village Dr Suite 208
La Jolla, California, 92037
United States

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About Chill N Out Cryotherapy - La Joya

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Our state of the art Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna features high quality materials and offers the most advanced sauna experience possible.

  • Clearlight Sauna models are made from Eco-Certified sustainable Western Red Canadian Cedar.
  • Furniture-grade cabins designed to provide maximum comfort during your sauna session.
  • Ergonomically designed 22" deep reversible benches and backrests, thicker walls, elegant details, and exterior lighting.
  • True Wave high output combination carbon/ceramic far infrared and full spectrum heaters.
  • Virtually EMF/ELF free infrared heating technology, independently tested.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to provide multiple audio input options.

LightStim LED Red Light Therapy Bed

Our LightStim LED Red Light Therapy Bed provides a high-end healing experience through the delivery of non-invasive, therapeutic red light technology for a relaxing wholebody treatment like you’ve never had before.

About The LightStim 

The LightStim Red Light Therapy Bed is the first of its kind for Over-The-Counter FDA Clearance with Multi-Wave Patented Technology including Infrared, Deep Infrared, Light Red, and Deep Red wavelengths. 

What Are The Infrared Red Light Therapy Bed Benefits?

With the absorption of this seemingly miraculous light, wavelengths are delivered into both the skin and cells catalyzing a reaction in the mitochondria leading to a significant stimulation in the body’s production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is simply known as our body’s main fuel source, which is often interrupted throughout the process of cellular respiration by the overproduction of nitric oxide through inevitable stress and other factors. In simple terms, red light wavelengths work to restore proper cell function. More over, the improvements of our cell’s ability to produce said energy even aids in the increase of protein synthesis and cell cycle progression. 

Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Beyond the LightStim’s capability and function directed toward the natural charging of the cells, there are numerous benefits that it can bring to your body and your life:

-Skin Health & Anti-Aging

This multiple wavelength technology has shown significant improvements in skin tone, complexion, anti-aging, and the production of collagen.

-Increase In Testosterone 

With the introduction of red light wavelengths, the increase of production in Leydig cells is quite significant (where testosterone is produced) avoiding the inflammation and damage that the UV rays from the sun can potentially pose. 

-Muscle Recovery & Physical Performance

The Red LightStim bed contributes to muscle recovery, as well as the stimulation of muscle growth throughout the body.

-Joint Pain & Inflammation

Studies have shown massive decreases in inflammation throughout the body, especially for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. 

-Healing Wounds & Burns

In several separate trials the LightStim bed has shown to improve the release of cytokines and chemokines, which allows the body to reduce scarring.

-Melatonin & Sleep

Red light is commonly known to naturally reset your circadian rhythm that may have been adjusted overtime due to stress and artificial light exposure.

Are There Any Red Light Therapy Side Effects?

There are little-to-no side effects from exposure to the red light therapy bed. In fact, red light therapy reviews reveal that time on the led bed is safer than being in the sun for extended periods of time and poses no threat for burns.

How Often Should I Use A Red Light Therapy Bed?

Customers are enjoying their time on the bed daily with the many benefits that it provides! Your allotted time on the red light therapy bed is limited to 20 minutes- 10 minutes on your back with the localized machine located on your face or other area of choice, and another 10 minutes on your stomach. 

You might be wondering at this point, is there red light therapy near me? If you are located in the central San Diego area, we have just what you need on Midway Drive! We also provide red light therapy groupon deals as a service just like our electric cryotherapy chamber.

Our LightStim bed is not just one of the highest ranked San Diego red light therapy devices, but one of the most affordable. Come and check it out today!