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Find Cryo Near Me Terms & Agreements
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Terms of Service Agreement
1. Find Cryo Near Me provides free and paid listing options and business owners are responsible for maintaining the updated listing.
2. Find Cryo Near Me has no control over any content that is served from an external website.
3. Find Cryo Near Me has SSL Certificate, Website Security, Mcafee Antivirus, and payments processing through Authorize.net secure payment gateway service and PayPal to make sure your information is always secure.
4. Find Cryo Near Me provided advertisement space on our website to business owners for advertising purposes and we, Find Cryo Near Me, are in no way associated with the aforementioned third parties. Because Find Cryo Near Me search engine will display listings located within the searched zip code. The order of the search results will be automatically displayed in accordance with the listings’ plan.
5. Find Cryo Near Me chooses to disclosure an existing business relationship with an existent cryotherapy clinic, Ventura Cryo. This relationship will not provide benefits or preferential treatment to Ventura Cryo that are not available to other customers including, but not limited to: the displaying of fair search results that are based on location and customer preferences only.
6. Find Cryo Near Me is not a sponsor and makes no warranty, endorsements or promises regarding services and/or products provided by third parties listed in our database
7. Visitors have no right of action against Find Cryo Near Me or any related entity for any loss or damage suffered as a result of any inaccurate information provided, purposely or not, by the business owner or designee submitting the listing on behalf of the owner and with owner’s permission.
8. All personal information collected through Find Cryo Near Me is subject to our Privacy
Linking Policy
Find Cryo Near Me reserves the exclusive right to list and display Businesses that link to websites containing any of the following materials:
1. Pornography material,
2. Political propaganda,
3. Any discriminatory statements,
4. Spyware or adware, or
5. And other content that might be of quality but is in no way related to Cryotherapy either directly or indirectly.

Find Cryo Near Me will also reserve the right to publish listings that are deemed inappropriate, offensive and discriminatory by the Moderator. In Addition, businesses not related to cryotherapy, directly or indirectly, will not be listed since Find Cryo Near Me is industry specific and its purpose is creating a quality Cryotherapy Resources database for Business Owners and Customers and not a general online business directory

If you notice a link listed in this directory that is not in compliance with our policies please report it to us at info@findcryonearme.com

Subscription Agreement
1. We offer 4 different plans: Free (with a reciprocal link), Standard, Gold, and Platinum. All prices reflected on the web are current prices and are subject to change at any time by Find Cryo Near Me.
2. It is the businesses owners’ responsibility to maintain their listings updated including, but not limited to: Address, Hours of Operation, Phone Number and website.
3. All Free plans require a reciprocal link on your homepage. Find Cryo Near Me will list businesses under the Free Plan after the listing has been reviewed and the reciprocal link verified. Please note that your reciprocal link will be reviewed periodically and failure to display the link will result in the removal of your listing
4. Failure to pay the “once a year” renewal fee by the due date for your featured plan will result in the removal of your listing.
5. All new listing submissions will be reviewed within 48 hours. Submitting your business information does not guaranty that it will be listed on our website. All submissions will be subject to review before in accordance to our Terms of Agreement. The aforementioned review time is an approximation only and although most times approval time is much shorter, there might be occasions where the reviewing time could take a little more than 48 hours.
6. Find Cryo Near Me will have permission to edit your business information before publishing your business listing
7. The main parameters used for Zip Code search results are distance and listing plan. The results will display listings in the following order: 1 Platinum – 2 Gold –3 Standard – 4 Free as advertised under plans features on the plan comparison chart.
8. New submissions can only be canceled within the first 30 days, from the day of purchase, for a full refund. After the first 30 days, you will continue to have the option to cancel at any time and the refund will be based on a prorated basis.

Privacy Policy
1. All personal information collected on this website is protected by the following Privacy Policies.
2. Find Cryo Near Me will no share, sell or distribute your information without your consent.
3. If you submit a listing you agree to receive Status Emails as a condition of submitting your website to keep you updated on the status of your submission.
4. If you opt-in to receive the marketing emails during checkout, Find Cryo Near Me may send you such emails, or we may pass your email address on to third-party companies. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time but you will need to contact the third party company directly. Find Cryo Near Me cannot address these requests on your behalf.
5. Any questions relating to our Privacy Policies can be addressed to our Manager at Info@findcryonearme.com
Updated on 11/17/2017