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Whole Body Cryotherapy

About Mode Body Boutique

The coldest temperature ever recorded on earth was -128.6 °F in Antarctica. At MODE Body Boutique, we took that as a challenge. That’s why we are now the only gym in Illinois to own a cryotherapy machine – a machine that is able to reach temperatures below -200 °F. Take that Antarctica. Interested? Be sure to check out the rest of the page to learn what cryotherapy is, its many benefits, and what you can expect out when you schedule an appointment for the best cryotherapy in Chicago at MODE Body Boutique.

What is Cryotherapy?

When people use the term cryotherapy, they are most often referring to whole body cryotherapy. At MODE Body Boutique, we don’t do anything halfway, so there was no doubt that whole body cryotherapy would be the version we offered. In whole body cryotherapy, the body is subjected to extremely cold temperatures using a cryotherapy tank. Typically, you’ll remain in the tank for about 1-3 minutes.

If standing inside a tank that is over four times colder than the average winter temperature of the South Pole doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, wait until you hear the benefits. Simply put, the benefits of cryotherapy are astounding. Cryotherapy essentially tricks your body into thinking that is freezing to death, causing it to go into a sort of “survival mode”. Essentially, this survival mode is your body saying, “hey, I’m about to freeze to death and need to do something about this situation ASAP”.

At this point, there are a number of functions within your body that will kick into gear such as improved circulation, boosted metabolism, and more. In the next section, we’ll cover specifically how the physiological effects of cryotherapy promote better health and treat various conditions. For now, though, suffice it to say that there are plenty of good reasons why everyone from Lebron James to everyday people from all over the world swear by cryotherapy and its results.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Surprisingly enough, the benefits of tricking your body into thinking it’s about to freeze to death are wide-ranging. For example, cryotherapy may be used by an athlete in peak physical condition to help them loosen up stiff muscles, it may be used by someone in poor health condition to help them lose weight and treat various conditions, or it may be used by anyone in-between this spectrum for a range of health reasons. Some of the benefits of cryotherapy include:

  • Reduced Inflammation – Inflammation is one of the ways your immune system fights off infections. However, sometimes your immune system may become overly reactive, leading to chronic inflammation and conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and more. The good news is that nothing curb-stomps inflammation quite like a blast of sub-zero air, as studies have shown that cryotherapy is able to reduce inflammation in the body, helping alleviate these conditions.
  • Pain Relief – One of the most common reasons people undergo cryotherapy is for pain relief. In the same way that putting an ice pack on an injury is able to help improve circulation to the injury, reduce swelling, and alleviate pain, cryotherapy is able to offer these same benefits as well. The key difference is that cryotherapy treats your entire body rather than just one localized area, allowing you to achieve full-body pain relief and healing. Think of it as the coldest, most comprehensive ice-pack that you could imagine.
  • Weight Loss – Wouldn’t it be great if you could just freeze off fat like a dermatologist freezes off a wart? Since your body has to work harder when it is cold, cryotherapy is able to boost your metabolism and help promote weight loss. It’s important to note that cryotherapy alone will likely not be enough to help you reach your weight loss goals. However, when combined with a good diet and exercise, cryotherapy can provide a calorie-burning boost. In addition to this, since cryotherapy reduces muscle pain and fatigue, it also eliminates one of the main excuses for skipping workouts. In other words, your trainer isn’t likely to accept sore muscles as an excuse for not working out when there’s a pain-relieving cryotherapy machine just a few feet away.
  • Preventing Cancer – One of the risk factors for cancer is inflammation. Since cryotherapy works to reduce inflammation throughout your body, it is able to help reduce your risk of getting cancer as well. Cancer is something that deserves a beatdown every chance you get, and our cryotherapy machine is a cancer cell’s worst nightmare. Reducing Depression and Anxiety – In addition to a whole host of other negative health consequences, inflammation is also partly responsible for mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, making cryotherapy an effective solution for helping treat these conditions. Cryotherapy is also a very refreshing and relaxing treatment that causes your body to release endorphins, which could help put you in a more positive frame of mind. Seeing as one of the only things able to release as many endorphins as cryotherapy is sex, it’s safe to say that you’ll probably be in a pretty good mood after your cryotherapy session is complete.

Cryotherapy FAQs

Cryotherapy is a relatively new treatment, and, as such, people often have a lot of questions about it. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about cryotherapy as well as the answers to them.

Q: Is Cryotherapy Safe?

A: If frostbite and hypothermia were the first things that came to your mind when you thought about subjecting your body to sub-zero temperatures, you’re not alone; questions about the safety of cryotherapy are the most common questions we get. Thankfully, cryotherapy is completely harmless. You’re simply not in the machine long enough to have to worry about sustaining any harm from the cold and at no point does your skin actually freeze. Your body may think it’s about to die, but there’s not any danger whatsoever involved.

Q: Is Cryotherapy Enjoyable?

A: Enjoyable is a relative term. You’ll certainly enjoy the benefits of cryotherapy, and you’ll probably look back on the experience as being enjoyable overall. During the process, though, cryotherapy feels about like stepping into the most ice-cold shower you’ve ever taken. The good news is that after a few sessions most people adjust to the cold and actually start to look forward to it. Experiencing what it’s like to step into something four times colder than the winter in Antarctica is also sure to be a memory you won’t forget and a story you’ll enjoy telling.

Q: How Much Does Cryotherapy Cost?

A: The fact that cryotherapy is all the rage among famous athletes and celebrities leads many people to think that it costs boatloads of money. After all, anything that Lebron James pays for has to cost a fortune right? The truth is, though, that cryotherapy is quite affordable. At MODE Body Boutique, we charge just for a cryotherapy session.

Q: How Will I Feel After a Cryotherapy Session?

A: You’ll probably feel pretty great! Cryotherapy causes the body to release endorphins- the “feel good” hormone – and the effects of these endorphins can last 6-8 hours after your session. While the mood boost isn’t the main reason most people use cryotherapy, it is a nice bonus. Seeing as people go to all sorts of lengths for an endorphin boost – from jumping out of airplanes to hitting on strangers at a bar for hours on end – spending a few minutes inside a cryotherapy machine for an endorphin boost isn’t too much of a stretch.

Q: Will Cryotherapy Cause Me to Catch a Cold?

A: We’re sorry to say that all those times your parents made you bundle up to keep from catching a cold probably didn’t accomplish much. The idea that cold temperatures can lead to infection is a myth that has somehow persisted into the 21st century in spite of all the medical evidence proving it false. The truth is that the only way to catch a cold is to be exposed to a virus or bacteria – you can lower your body temperature as much as possible and it will never cause you to contract a cold. In reality, cryotherapy can actually help you fight off colds thanks to the detoxifying effects of improved circulation.

Q: How Often Should I Use Cryotherapy?

A: For best results, we recommend that people undergo cryotherapy 2-3 times per week, though you can certainly do more or less and still achieve beneficial results. In fact, if you decide that you want to make our cryotherapy machine your own personal igloo we’re down for that as well.

Q: I’m Claustrophobic. Will the Cryotherapy Machine Trigger My Phobia?

When people use the term cryotherapy, they are most often referring to whole body cryotherapy. At MODE Body Boutique, we don’t do anything halfway, so there was no doubt that whole body cryotherapy would be the version we offered. In whole body cryotherapy, the body is subjected to extremely cold temperatures using a cryotherapy tank. Typically, you’ll remain in the tank for about 2-4 minutes.

Cryotherapy Case Study

Trust us when we say that there’s no way we would have ever invested in Illinois’s only gym-owned cryotherapy machine without plenty of empirical evidence to back up its effectiveness. While there are plenty of cryotherapy case studies available for you to look at, one study we found particularly interesting involved a Marine veteran named Bill. Bill suffered from chronic pain and after trying every possible alternative was finally put on opioids by the VA.

After managing his pain with opioids for a period of time, Bill discovered cryotherapy. In his own words, “I am now completely off of opioid pain medications, and my pain is being controlled as well, if not better, than when I was on opioids. My muscles are now supple rather than taut and knotted, and I am able to walk better.”

These kinds of results are certainly not uncommon, as cryotherapy has been shown time and time again to be one of the most effective pain-relieving treatments available today. If you suffer from chronic pain, ditching the pain relievers in favor of our cryotherapy machine is likely to be the best choice you’ve ever made.

Enjoy the Benefits of Cryotherapy Today

If you have been wondering “where can I find cryotherapy near me?”, wonder no more. At MODE Body Boutique, we are proud to have the best cryotherapy Chicago has to offer. If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of cryotherapy or would like to schedule your own cryotherapy session in our state-of-the-art cryotherapy machine, we invite you to contact us today.